Product Journey

01 Truck Chassis Delivery

Based on the customer consultation, the specific truck chassis is delivered from the OEM, or picked up from a dealership, or the dealer delivers directly to us.
NOTE: We are an authorized drop ship location for all major OEM suppliers.

02 Design

We design our products based on the needs of the customer, always looking for ways to make it better and ensuring that it is personalized for each customer’s identified use. Most companies design a product and try to sell it. We consult with the customer and design a product to best fit their needs.

03 Raw Material Delivery

Raw materials are spec’d in the design process, locally sourced directly from partner mills, and delivered directly to our facility.

04 Material Processing

Sheets and Plates are sent to the laser shop for custom part creation, then move to the press break shop to form the final parts. At the same time structural materials are cut to design specs in the saw shop.

05 Fabrication

Parts created in the Laser Shop and Saw Shop meet in the Fabrication Shop for initial assembly. Fabricators follow the design specs and weld all parts into a full structure in this stage.

06 Paint Prep

All fabricated products are degreased, steam cleaned, sanded smooth and seam sealed in preparation for coating application.

07 Paint

A Polyurethane coating is applied to all surfaces in a single stage process to ensure durability and UV protection.

08 Installation

All painted parts and structures meet back up for final assembly and installation on the specific chassis. Electrical systems, hydraulic systems, and additional upfit accessories are installed, and all assembled products are prepped for final inspection.

09 Final Inspection

All assembled products are run through an independent 2-step final inspection process where the technician and the installation manager review the entire build to ensure that the product meets all K & K quality standards.

10 Delivery

Final products can be picked up at K & K Headquarters or delivered directly to the end user. Multiple delivery options are available including utilizing our in-house delivery team or via drive away delivery service.

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