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Specs and Features

  • Long Sill: 6” or 7” Structural Channel
  • Cross Member: 3” or 4” Structural Channel
  • Cross Member Spacing: 12" On - Center
  • Floor Deck: 3/16" Smooth Seamless Plate
  • Side Rail: Integrated 10 ga. Sheet, Sloped 45 Degrees
  • Bulkhead: Integrated 11 ga. Sheet
  • Sides: 10 ga Formed Sides with No Vertical Posts
  • Side Height: 12", 18" & 24" Available
  • Top Rail: 3" x 3/16" Structural Tubing
  • Side Boards: 6" Board Brackets
  • Tail Gate: Fully Boxed 3 Panel Tail Gate
  • Tail Gate Top Rail: 3" x 3/16" Structural Tubing
  • Tail Gate Lower Hardware: Full Width, One Piece 1" Pin
  • Tail Gate Upper Hardware: 1/2" Plate Offset Upper Hinge Arm
  • Cab Protector: Integrated 24" Cab Protector with Tarp Provision
  • Rear Skirt: 7 ga. Sheet with Recessed Lighting Under Tail Gate
  • Rear Skirt: Lights (4) S/T/T LED & (2) Reverse LED
  • Clearance Lights: 3/4" LED Federal 108 Spec
  • Wiring: Modular Plug & Play Harness Connects Directly to the OEM Truck Harness
  • Paint: Black Polyurethane Top Coat
  • Mud Flaps: Standard for Each Rear Wheel
  • Back Up Alarm: Standard 97 Decibel Alarm

Contractor Dump

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