Mechanics Truck


Specs and Features

  • Front Cross Member: 3/16" Formed Channel
  • Rear Cross Member: 1/4" Formed Channel
  • Floor Deck: 12 Gauge Treadplate
  • Body Shell: 14 Gauge A60 Galvanneal
  • Doors: 14 Gauge A60 Galvanneal, Double Paneled With 16 Gauge A60 Galvanneal Inner Panel
  • Door Hinge: 304-Stainless Steel Piano Hinges
  • Door Seal: Automotive, Bulb Style Door Seal
  • Door Holder: Gas Shock Door Holders on Vertical Doors
  • Door Holder: Coated Air Craft Cable on Horizontal Doors
  • Latches: 2-Stage Stainless Steel Rotary Paddle Latches
  • Tailgate: 12" Slam Action Tailgate
  • Bumper: Formed Anti-Slip Bumper
  • Bumper Lights: (2) S/T/T LED & (2) Reverse LED
    STT Led
  • Clearance Lights: 3/4" LED Federal 108 Spec
    Trailer Clearance Lights Led
  • Wiring: Modular Plug & Play Harness Connects Directly to the OEM Truck Harness
    Trailer Hitch Wiring Harness
  • Paint: White Powder Coat
  • Back Up Alarm: Standard 97 Decibel Alarm

Mechanics Truck

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Trailer Clearance Lights Led
Trailer Hitch Wiring Harness
Trailer Hitch Receiver
Polyurethane Powder Coating